Digital Marketing

My marketing work focuses on digital marketing specifically social media management and email marketing. When working with small and medium size businesses we have to decide where their primary (and sometimes secondary) demographics are active online. After narrowing in on the company's demographic we decide which are the most effective social media platforms to utilize. When using social media the right way you can get in front of 100's or 1,000's people in your primary demographic with each and every post! 

Not sure if social media for your company is important? Think again. The most successful form of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. In today's technological society social media advertising IS word-of-mouth advertising.  

I stay abreast with the newest trends and technology online. With me as your social media manager, I make sure we are using the most up and coming strategies and tools to make sure your content gets seen by your potential clients or customers. 


Facebook is the most common social media platform of todays society.   The average active Facebook user is on Facebook 40 mins a day!  Let's make sure your potential customers and clients are seeing what you are up to during that time!  

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Instagram is a photo sharing app, with the use of hashtags to help grown your audience.  As we have grown into a more visual society, Instgram has become the fastest growing social media platform.  Let me show you how your company can utilize Instagram to get in front of your market.  

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LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network. Your presence on LinkedIn is important, professionally, for many different reasons.  Whether your primary demographic is other professionals or not, LinkedIn is important because you have a large database of contacts in your back pocket at any moment (can you say word of mouth advertising).

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Google +

Google + along with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website is very important. Having a Google+ page is vital for you to have. By having one  it helps your information pop up when someone is Googling your company and/or industry.  Let me know if you need help with making sure your website has SEO too.   

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 Mail chimp is an email marketing platform. Email marketing may or not be right for your company, but for most companies it is very important. As long as your are using the right strategies, email marketing is a very successful tool to get in front of and keep your clients and customers involved with what you are doing.

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WordPress is a blog oriented website building platform. Although my primary focus is not website building, I have created websites before (including this one), but more importantly I know how to keep it updated. Think if you had someone keeping your website up-to-date on what you have going on in your company, for the whole world to see!  

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More Marketing Experience

I also have experience with Pinterest, Houzz, Youtube, blogging, event planning, and media relations.

I used my graphic design skills to make all of your content look eye appealing and professional.  

I also have connections to amazing photographers and videographers, to make sure you have access to reasonably priced content for the world to see!