6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making


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1. Neglecting the importance of storytelling
The most important advantage that social media provides to companies in a marketing strategy is the ability to proficiently deliver the company’s story. Storytelling is so essential to a marketing plan because it allows the company to make a stronger connection with their audience which helps sell the brand as well. Everything that you post on a social media platform should accurately represent the goal, story, and overall message of the brand. Although it is important to post regularly, it is also important to avoid posting content for the sake of posting. An audience would much rather see a few high-quality posts than a plethora of low-quality ones.

2. Overselling
Obviously companies use social media to broaden their audience reach and make more sales. However, sometimes companies tend to talk too much about the brand on their social media platforms rather than engaging with their audience. Save the sales pitches for when you can offer your audience special deals or promos. Focus more on making a connection with your audience instead of flooding the social media feed with sales pitches. Once the connections are made, then the sales will role in. If your content is saturated in sales pitches for your product or service, it’s going to feel a lot like you’re spamming your audience.

3. Spamming
The amount of times you should post on social media depends on the platform you’re using as well the demographic of your audience. For example, it is much more acceptable to post 5 times a day on Twitter rather than Instagram or Facebook. Companies need to avoid spamming their audience on social media by scheduling and spacing out the daily posts. There are many scheduling tools out there that make it easier to plan and space out posts ahead of time. Hootsuite, Buffer, and HeyOrca are some examples of these helpful tools.

4. Inconsistency
A company that is consistent with posting valuable and interesting content is perceived as much more reliable, organized, trustworthy, and professional than those that are inconsistent. Sometimes companies will undermine how much time should be put into their social media platforms. If social media is eating up too much of your time as a business owner / entrepreneur, there are plenty of digital marketing agencies and virtual assistants out there who you could outsource this job to. The scheduling tools previously listed above are also great for managing your time!

5. Paying for fake followers
It can take a while for a company to develop a following on social media and this is especially true for small businesses. However, paying for followers is never a good idea. There is also a difference between paying for followers and paying for an Ad Campaign to reach more people. Facebook offers a feature like this where companies can get their content to their desired demographic on this social media platform which is perfectly okay to do. There are some services, however, that advertise a program where companies can pay for more followers (usually through the use of fake accounts). Instead of concentrating on numbers, companies should focus on building a genuine and organic audience on social media.

6. Forgetting to research
Since the types of platforms a company should use depends greatly on the company’s audience, it is very important to research the demographic of your brand’s audience! Not sure which platforms are best for your audience? Check out our other blog post: What Social Media Platforms Should I Use? If you’ve never dealt with a certain social media platform which fits the demographic of your audience, definitely do your research or consider outsourcing to someone who knows more about it. There are quite a few tools that are very unique to certain platforms. For example, hashtags are used as tools a lot on Instagram and Twitter for businesses to greatly increase their presence on social media. Those who use irrelevant or excessive hashtags on their social media platforms will more likely start to lose their following.


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