How often should I post on each Social Media platform?

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How often should I post on each Social Media platform?

The amount of times you post on social media depends on the platform you’re using as well the demographic of your audience. A lot of social media platforms provide insights for you to analyze which can really help you determine how often and when you should post!



Facebook is considered the platform for anyone and everyone. In order to grow your online community without spamming your current customers on Facebook, you’ll want to only post once a day. It’s okay to sometimes post two times in one day, but you don’t want to do this every day so as to not spam your audience. If you have a larger company It is more socially acceptable to post more often. The more you post the more engagement you get. You can post pictures, videos, and ideas, or share the pictures, videos and ideas of other Facebook users.


Like your content for Facebook, you should only post on Instagram once or twice a day. It is a little more acceptable on Instagram to often post twice a day. Again, you still want to avoid spamming your followers with content on this social media platform. Posting once a day is guaranteed safeguard for Instagram. In contrast to Facebook, however, Instagram only allows you to post pictures and these pictures are commonly expected to be high quality.


Twitter is very different from Facebook and Instagram. This is considered a platform of high activity. There is really no limit to how many times a day you should post on Twitter since people are less likely to get annoyed. In fact, according to HubSpot, users who tweet 10-20 times a day have on average more followers. Therefore, your company is expected to be much more active on Twitter than on Facebook or Instagram when it comes to creating content. Twitter is used to get ideas to an audience so your content should focus on your company’s message. You can use pictures on Twitter, but that’s not really what this platform is for.

Snapchat/ Instagram Stories/ Facebook Messenger’s Your Day (New)

Like Twitter these platform are expected and known for high activity. It is normal to post multiple times a day with out annoying your audience. All of these platforms are used for showing people what you think is fun, interesting, funny, exciting etc, within what’s going on in your everyday life.


The amount of times you upload a video on YouTube depends on your business. Some successful YouTube channels only post a video once or twice a week while others might post every day. If you plan on only uploading once a week, make sure you consistently stick to the same day of the week for uploading. It is important to establish a YouTube schedule no matter what kind of content you are creating because your audience on YouTube prefers consistency. Along with consistency, this platform also focuses more on quality rather than quantity. As long as your videos provide useful and engaging content for your audience, it doesn’t matter how much you upload videos on YouTube.


Like Instagram, Pinterest is great for your company to show off high-quality pictures of your product or service. On Pinterest, however, it’s more acceptable to post 5-10 times a day rather than once a day.


We recommend posting on LinkedIn once a day, especially if you have a Business to Business (B2B) company.  According to Buffer, posting at least 4 times a week on LinkedIn allows a company to reach 60% of their audience.



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