What social media platforms should I use?

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Each social media platform is meant to be used in a different way. Not every platform is right for every company; it all depends on the demographic of that company’s target audience. Not sure which platform is best for your company? Here’s everything you need to know about each one:


Out of all of the social media platforms, Facebook has the highest percentage of users above the age of forty-five. So if the demographic of your target audience is above the age of forty-five, your company will have a better chance at reaching your target audience through Facebook than any other social media platform. Even if the demographic for your company is not above the age of forty-five, Facebook is considered the standard social media platform meant for any demographic and any business. Whether you own a surfboard company or are an accountant, your company will benefit from Facebook. It is used to post ideas, advertisements, opinions, videos, pictures, and everything in between. Because it is used for all kinds of content, Facebook is considered the hybrid of all social media platforms.

Photo Credit : https://www.statista.com/statistics/274829/age-distribution-of-active-social-media-users-worldwide-by-platform/


After Facebook, Instagram is the second most standard social media platform. This platform is becoming one that most businesses are expected to use. Instagram is ideal for industries that thrive on pictures and is especially great for businesses that have a visually appealing product or service. Companies can get really artistic with the content they create for this social media platform. Content on Instagram is expected to be of high-quality since it is not expected to post frequently. Demographic-wise, 71% of Instagram users are between the ages of 16 and 34, but the amount of Instagram users over the age of 34 has been slowly growing over the years.


Twitter is considered a loud platform; posting multiple times a day is normal and people usually write about their day and whatever is going on with them. Users on Twitter don’t get annoyed if one posts often, unlike a lot of other social media platforms. This platform is common for businesses or people in larger cities as well as large corporations, government organizations, celebrities, politicians, public figures, CEOs, etc. Twitter is great for important people to get their message across to large amounts of people without third party interference. You can use pictures on Twitter, but that’s not what the platform is really made for. Generally, a tweet includes a few sentences within the 140 character limit. Twitter is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO); it will be easier for people to find your company through common search engines such as a Google search.


Like Facebook, users over the age of 45 are more acquainted with this platform. Users over the age of 45 make up 40% of YouTube’s users and continues to grow. The audience for YouTube is much broader. The purpose of this platform is to share high quality videos with their following. Companies don’t need a lot of videos on their YouTube channels since quality is valued over quantity on this platform. YouTube is great for companies that want to create an introduction video to their business, How-To videos, interviews, etc. This platform is also very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since a company’s YouTube video will pop up after a quick Google search. You can also connect your YouTube with a Google+ account which brings me to my next topic…
Credit : https://www.statista.com/statistics/274829/age-distribution-of-active-social-media-users-worldwide-by-platform/

Google +

This platform is also great for SEO as it directly connects your company to Google. Google+ legitimizes your company’s name and can connect with your other platforms, URLs and other information to organize it all in one place. Google+ is as widely used as Instagram and allows Google to recognize all of your platforms representing the same company.


LinkedIn is the most professional of all social media platforms. This platform is used by professionals to make contacts, find other people, hire people, follow companies, and research with discussions and different topics. LinkedIn is considered a digital form of business networking. Companies join LinkedIn to connect with potential and current associates. As a company, the demographic is business to business as well as corporate companies. Many companies use LinkedIn to portray their expertise in their field of work by sharing articles and blogs. This platform isn’t just for companies as it can greatly benefit the individual professionally and personally. Along with a profile, users can create a digital resume in hopes of getting hired through this social media platform.

Photo Credit : https://www.statista.com/statistics/274829/age-distribution-of-active-social-media-users-worldwide-by-platform/


The majority of Pinterest users are those interested in cooking, art, house renovations, weddings, crafts, fashion, etc. This platform is great for targeting a predominately female audience. A lot of the content on Pinterest includes pictures, infographics, How-To illustrations, and links to blogs or articles. Like Instagram, companies using Pinterest want to create content that is visually appealing for their following.

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Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Snapchat allows users to connect with friends by sending snaps (short videos or pictures) to friends individually. A company generally uses Snapchat for branding. You can pay for sponsors or, if appropriate for the industry, snap behind the scenes of your company. Snaps that go on your company’s Snapchat story only last 24 hours before they get erased so it is important to post often. There are approximately 400 million snaps sent every day. However, a company only wants to use Snapchat if they have a younger following since only 8% of Snapchat users are above the age of 35. If a company’s target audience is below the age of 34, then Snapchat is one of the ideal social media platforms for that company.
Instagram stories are basically the same thing as Snapchat stories. They will only last 24 hours before getting deleted and they allow a more personal connection between a company and the audience/following.

Photo Credit : https://www.ama.org/publications/eNewsletters/Marketing-News-Weekly/Pages/average-age-snapchat-users-going-up.aspx

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