5 Myths about Marketing on Facebook You should Stop Believing

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Facebook might be one of the oldest social media platforms out there today, but it is far from outdated. In fact, approximately 79% of internet users worldwide use Facebook. Despite Facebook’s renowned popularity, there are quite a few myths concerning the effectiveness of Facebook Ads. Here are some of the myths that deter companies from using Facebook as a marketing platform.


Myth 1: Facebook is just not right for certain businesses
Facebook has roughly over 1.79 billion monthly active users. No matter what the demographic of your business is, there is a great chance that your potential customers are on Facebook. Your potential Facebook audience is growing exponentially as well since five new Facebook profiles are created every second. Think of social media as a highway of social traffic where your company can place a billboard and engage with potential customers. According to Shareaholic, Facebook is the #1 traffic driver compared to other social media platforms.


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Myth 2: You don’t need a business page if you already have a personal page
Even if you have a personal Facebook profile, it is essential to create a business page for your company in order to keep the personal and professional aspects of your life separate. This will legitimize your business and make you appear more professional to potential customers. Pages are also public, so it will be easier for potential customers to find your company through a Google search. When people like your Facebook page, this will also show up on their feed for their friends to see which will further spread awareness of your company.


Myth 3: You are posting at the wrong time
With a little bit of research, you’ll quickly find that there are a lot of different opinions for what time you should post something on your Facebook page in order to reach the maximum amount of people. However, the time you should post will depend on the demographics of the audience. Therefore, the time will vary from page to page. The best way to find your page’s best time to post is to test it out and analyze the Facebook insights often. The insights will allow you to see the reach for all previous posts as well as the time each one was posted. Comparing the detailed analytics of these posts will help you determine the ideal time to post.


Myth 4: Posting too little / too much will hurt your reach
Like the ideal posting time, the amount of posts a page makes a day is not defined. There is really no agreed upon amount times you should post a day. Some companies will see success with posting 4-8 times a day, while others see success with only 1-2 times a day. As long as the content you are posting is relevant for your company and engaging for your audience, it doesn’t matter how much you post. Keep in mind that one high quality post a day is much better than four low quality posts a day. Now keep in mind depending on the different social media platforms, it is more commonly accepted to have more posts than others. For example Twitter is a very loud platform it is more acceptable to post many times a day on twitter opposed to many times a day on Instagram.


Myth 5: Facebook is all you need
Facebook is an amazing platform to get your company started on social media marketing. However, there are so many other social media platforms that your company could benefit from as well! The demographics of your target audience should be kept in mind, though, when considering other platforms for marketing. For example, Snapchat is a great marketing platform that a lot of companies have started picking up on for advertising! This platform, however, is mostly used by a younger audience and should be avoided if your target audience is much older.


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