8 Reasons You NEED Social Media For Your Business

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Hi there! Welcome to my first blog!

Are you wondering, does my business absolutely need to use social media?  The answer is, yes!

Are you thinking, my company is different, it doesn’t need it? You are wrong. Here’s why:

The growth of the internet and mobile device usage has exponentially increased the use of social media. Especially within the past decade, businesses have started taking advantage of this growth of social media. Here are eight reasons why your business needs to be utilizing social media marketing.

1. Access to more consumers

Social media gives you access not only to your clients, but also a great number of potential clients. Over 75% of online American adults use social media sites according to the Pew Internet Project. By using social media to your advantage, you will be able to reach a broader range of consumers, allowing your company to grow exponentially with ease. The strong online community that you build with your company will propel your company forward!

2. Feedback from consumers
Social media allows customers to instantly give you feedback on your services. This gives you direct access to what your audience is saying about your services. It is also easier for you to respond to the feedback of your customers, improving your customer service and encouraging customers to return to your company. Consumers are more likely to return to your business when you have faster response rates to feedback. Around 53% of people make business recommendations on Twitter.

With your company’s presence in various social networks, you’ll have a greater chance of someone recommending your business. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Word of mouth advertising is the absolute best form of advertising. What people need to understand is, in this information age we live in, social media is the digital version of word of mouth advertising.

3. Accessible info on your competitors
Nine out of ten U.S. businesses use social media to market their companies. This makes it easier for you to access information on competing companies. You can easily see what other companies are doing to reel in consumers and acquire more followers on their social media pages. Consumers often compare the number of followers and activity of a company’s social media network to that of other companies. By checking out other companies, you can make sure your social media page stands out from the rest!

4. Easily control your marketing money
Marketing for your company can get very expensive, but with the use of social media, you no longer have to spend outrageous amounts to advertise your company. Instead of spending an absurd amount of money for an ad on television, you can make a page for your company on Facebook for free! Social media sites such as Facebook allow you to post your ads for free on your page. Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites,  allow you to pay for further promotion of your ads if you want to reach even more people on the site. You can choose exactly how much you want to spend on advertising, giving you more flexibility with your marketing choices. Although I do suggest you invest in a social manager (yes, this is my plug 😉) to strategize the best way to reach the most people, and get a better bang for your buck!

5. Understanding your target audience
With the growth of followers on social media, you can see exactly who is interested and interacting with your business page. You can see demographics including: geographic reach, language, gender, age group etc.  Social media sites help you zone into your ideal demographic(s) for your target audience. On sites like Facebook, when you pay to boost one of your posts, you are able to choose the demographic of consumers you would like to reach. Facebook, then, targets users who fit the demographic for your paid posts and advertisements.  For any company, it is important to understand and leverage the interests of your consumers via social media.

6. Detailed Analytics
Most social media sites give you detailed analytics on your business’s social networking progress. There are around 1.5 billion people who use Facebook and you can see exactly how many of these people your posts and ads reach on your page. These numbers will help you in the future to know exactly what your audience does or does not like. A post with a lot of views, likes, and shares gives you a better understanding of what your consumers are looking for. The detailed analytics allow you to learn to further grow your business based on the needs of the consumers.


7. Easy distribution of Info to Consumers
Different social media sites use different ways for you to connect to people. On sites like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags help you easily connect to a variety of different people with the same interests. Users are also able to find your company when they use the same hashtags as your posts. Your audience can easily stay updated with what’s going on with your business when they follow you on social media. Increasing your activity on social networks can also help legitimize your company. When consumers see you have an active social media page, they are more likely to return to your company.

8. Loyalty of Customers
The growth of your company’s followers on social media allows your community to expand. Special deals and contests can be distributed to your followers on social media in order to encourage people to check out your page. By providing benefits for loyal customers, you are further promoting people to stay with your company as well as giving back to your consumers. Giving back to those loyal to your company will create a positive online community for your company!

If you need help managing your business on social media, contact me! I’ll give you one hour free consultation to see where we need to go from there.  Email me at kraskob15@me.com or click here to schedule time with me.

Thanks for reading. 😊  Was this blog useful? I would love feedback in the comment section below. Also if there are any digital marketing topics you would like me to discuss, just let me know!

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